Luminary Botanica

By Kamie Luna

Luminary Botanica is a Chicana owned spiritual shop, specializing in water limpia (spiritual bath) products.


Herbal Salt Soaks

Herbal Salt soaks are a staple in energetic hygiene practices. The salt cleanses and purifies the energetic body.  Each blend has specific herbal allies that are selected to help with a certain task: energy cleansing and protection, enhancement of self love, intuition enhancement, and restful sleep. Each salt blend is individually charged and enchanted.

Herbal salt soaks can be used as a bath soak, a foot soak, or brewed as a strong tea and poured over in the shower.

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Enchanted Soap & Shampoo Bars

Spiritual soap bars are the most convenient way to practice good daily spiritual hygiene.  Each batch of soap is made with herbal infused oils, following the moon cycles.

These soap bars will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized

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Waterfall Pose



"From contentment, incomparable happiness is obtained."



Queens, NY, USA

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