• No same day booking

  • For sliding scale options (tarot & energy healing), please send payment within 24 hours after booking

  • Be ready at your appointment time

  • If you are late to your appointment, time will not be "added in" at the end

  • 15 Minutes late is considered "no-show" to appointments

  • If you need to reschedule, please let me know by 11:59pm, the evening prior to your appointment, to avoid "late cancellations."

  • Late cancellations and no-shows are non-refundable

Tarot Policies

I  have a very strong code of ethics when it comes to readings, especially love readings. I will not do readings that infringe upon the boundaries of uninformed and nonconsenting parties.

This means, I will not do readings that ask questions similar, but not limited to:

-Are they cheating on me?

-How do they feel about me?

-Anything that asks me to go into an uninformed, nonconsenting persons energy field.

I will happily help you get guidance and insight on how you can navigate your situation, or what you need to do/work on to prepare you for healthy relationships.